The importance of Ionic Framework

Image result for The importance of Ionic FrameworkThe Ionic Framework online certification will teach you everything that you should know about creating bridges to develop mobile applications that are hybrid in nature. The base of the Ionic is Angular and therefore before taking up Ionic Framework online certification in Chennai, you should at least know some of the basics of the Angular. Also, since the majority of concepts, directories and components of ionic are similar to angular, its knowledge would make it easy for you to learn ionic thoroughly.

There are a variety of concepts of the Ionic and the most important of these are discussed here. If you know some basics, you would be aware of the fact that you need APIs for the development of Mobile Apps. Cordova, which is the operating system meant specifically for mobiles is embedded with these APIs. In Ionic, the apache Cordova is brought into use. When using Ionic, you can see its compatibility with HTML, Javascript and CSS and therefore irrespective of the native language used for development, the further process can be easily carried out without having to worry about the compatibility related factors.

Since the Angular is brought in here with the Ionic, the areas of implementations get quite widened and there is absolutely nothing that you will have to think about for doing in the ionic. Since there are a lot of inbuilt libraries and directories, the process gets highly simplified. Its CLI, the command line interface, makes the process of development and deployment of the apps developed in the ionic framework gets improved.

Apart from the Angular JS, there are a lot of advantages that Ionic gets from the CSS as well. The C framework helps in adding to the simplification of the apps and thus when the app is to be made available to the users in the market and deployed, the time taken in all these processes is quite minimal.

Ionic provides an inbuilt feature of the grid system that you have to have in order to control the layouts. This helps in putting the components of development in the right places. To make the UI easy, there is a feature called FlexBox which enables the options of defining the box model that you feel will be compatible for your app. No matter what the number of columns is or their width and height, you can customize things the way you want.

Since list is a very important component that enables proper display on an app, other frameworks often have complex procedures to create it but that is not the case with ionic. Using the basics of CSS, you can easily create a list that will be driven by the classes of CSS and will have the structure of HTML. Also, since there are many ways to do it, no matter which approach you use, the end result that you get will always stay the same.

Considering all the versatility it offers, there is no better framework than ionic to create hybrid mobile apps.