Effects of Changes to Net Neutrality Laws

https://assets.entrepreneur.com/content/3x2/1300/20160120183321-internet-shopping-safety-unsecured-data-password-login-hackers-hacking-data-technology-keyboard.jpeg?width=750&crop=16:9A lot of start-up businesses use online platforms as their principal means of selling and advertising their products and services. This has benefited them a lot as they don’t necessarily have to play head-to-head with the huge players. This makes the internet a vital part in this process. However, this may now become a problem instead of a solution to many online and social media companies. In President Donald Trump’s current administration, he has raised concerns regarding shaking up some regulatory agencies and policies that might greatly affect the net neutrality laws. He has appointment AjitPai as the new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) head. FCC is an independent branch in the United States that regulates all interstate communications. This move might spark some changes in the internet playing field.

Some may not be familiar with what net neutrality means. It pertains to being able to enjoy an open network wherein internet service providers (ISP) allocate the information we send and receive in a neutral manner. It grants parity to all users regardless of the content. With this, everything in the internet realm is treated equally. The opposite of this, however, constitutes to partiality treatment among internet users. An ISP could charge an extra fee for those online businesses who wish to avail faster data. This will make an enormous impact in the online community. Companies such as Verizon and AT&T will be able to dictate which sites are prioritized if the latter is implemented. Some contents, websites, and applications may be blocked. President Trump appears to be siding with the ISP companies. He believes limiting the data speed to certain contents. However, preceding President Obama believed in net neutrality regardless of size or money.

With this proposed change, small businesses are expected to be affected the most. When ISP companies limit the speed of websites and apps, companies will be faced with a smaller market base. Those who are willing to pay a hefty amount of price will land on the top priority list. Only multi-million companies will be the ones to afford this as they want to keep their data connection stabilized. As for small businesses who rely heavily on their websites to bring in sales, the same course of action does not apply. This then created higher barriers of entry for those who depend on the internet to launch new products, create markets, and reach consumers. Growth and innovation may will now be limited. Online protests have been ongoing even from big tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter. They support the existing rules which are net neutrality and urge users to protest against the proposed change. Twitter believes that net neutrality is the foundation to a competitive and free enterprise market entry open for all types of people which extends globally. Some companies even went out of their way in posting videos explaining what net neutrality is. More than just the businesses, the communities of color will also be affected by this. With open internet workspace, everyone is allowed to speak up and share their thoughts. Once net neutrality is blocked, ISPs now have the authority to filter and block opposing voices from speaking freely on the internet. This will abolish online platforms as a means of speaking up.

While many may seem affected on the proposed changes, it is best to be aware and informed on the latest news and changes surfacing this matter. This holds much importance to those segments that will be directly affected. Several companies are doing their part by taking a stand and encouraging users to take part as well. It’s just a matter of time for some more Trump news as to how the changes for the net neutrality law will progress.

Fill in life to your occasions with Los Angles Magician

When you are planning an event at your institute or a party for your kids you always have to find something that can make it very interesting. There can be many ways you may have thought of right? Then what about a magician? This will be the best to make your day. Now, the most frequent question is when to hire a magician and why? Well, there are answers for this. And you will get to know everything in respect of hiring a Los Angeles Magician. You just need to have the portrait of your event in front of your eyes and go through the below-mentionedthingshttps://www.discoverlosangeles.com/sites/default/files/styles/article_section/public/media/Nightlife/steve-valentine-magic-show.jpg?itok=quS0NGMe


Make your occasion sparkling

When you organize a gathering, considerably of any kind, it will not attract the crowd unless you have something that boosts up the excitement. Therefore, you need to include some extremely interesting activities that can increase the participation of the people present there. Hiring a magician can be something great, engaging and also a stress-free activity. A magic show by a Los Angles Magician can be the best way to entertain your guests in a different way that creates a difference from their routine. Probably this option can arrange some laughter and amazement for your guests.

When should you hire a magician?

Hiring a magician can be a great decision for many occasions you are going to plan. However, if you are confused about when it will be the best, here are some events that can be perfect to hire a magician:

Weddings: this is going to be the most special day of your life, and a magician is going to make it even more memorable. Not only for you as a groom or bride or the family, is it going to be a great experience for all the guest arrivals also. This can be the best way to share your special moments with others.

Corporate events: Corporate events can also include the magic shows which are able to maintain the required level of professionalism. This can be something that can improve the environment of these events and drive in the interest of the people attending it. There are corporate magicians who can arrange shows keeping in mind the professional environment.

A special occasion: there are many more personal occasions that you are going to organize. Birthday parties are some of the most common inclusions in this. And when these parties are for kids, you do not need to give a second though to this decision. Kids usually enjoy these shows, and a perfect magician can make the moments even better.

For teenagers:  there are no set age limits for attending magic shows. After all, everyone likes to have fun. Teenager moments like fresher’s parties and other seminars can also be some of the best events when they include a magic show.

ALos Angles Magiciancan be the best decision to make an event even more interesting and well working. So now what are you waiting for? There are lot more things to be done for the party this week.

Snapchat Parent Buys Data Firm Placed for $135 Million

Snap Inc – which is the parent company of photo-sharing platform Snapchat – has acquired the ‘Placed’ data firm for $135.2 million (roughly Rs. 865 crores) in an all-cash deal, according to documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).Snapchat Parent Buys Data Firm Placed for $135 Million

The data firm would continue to operate independently with David Shim as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and report to Snap’s Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan, AdWeek reported on Saturday.

‘Placed,’ which helps advertisers track real-world purchases and store visits, was acquired by Snap to enhance ‘advertising effectiveness’, the report added.

“In June 2017, we acquired a component of a business from a social advertising software company that was integrated with our existing advertising platform and adds advertising tools and creative solutions to our advertising customers,” the filing read.

Announcing financial results for the second quarter that ended June 30, Snap Inc had reported a loss of $443 million, with $181 million as revenue which was still below analysts’ expectations of $186 million.

Uber Hikes Hong Kong Fees Amid Legal Troubles

Technologies Inc on Monday hiked its Hong Kong fees by up to 80 percent after a review of its business there, the embattled ridesharing company said, adding it was not having issues financing its operations in the Asian financial hub.

The San Francisco-based technology company, which recently suspended its services in the neighbouring Chinese city of Macau for the second time, told Reuters the price rise would benefit drivers as they pocketed most of the fares.Uber Hikes Hong Kong Fees Amid Legal Troubles

Starting on Monday fees for UberX and UberASSIST rides would rise by up to 80 percent to start at HKD 45 ($5.75), and a ride with the pricier UberBLACK would start at HKD 65 instead of HKD 50. The company said in a statement the adjustments were “based on an evaluation of the marketplace in Hong Kong.”

Hong Kong authorities have clamped down on Uber’s operations multiple times, with the latest crackdown in May when police arrested 21 drivers for illegal car-hiring.

A Hong Kong court found five Uber drivers guilty of the same crime in March and fined them HKD 10,000 each. Uber has said it would help the drivers to appeal and criticised authorities for failing to keep up with innovation.

“We are committed to continue our investment here in Hong Kong,” the company said in its statement.

Hong Kong is not the only Asian city where the company has run into regulatory problems, as it also faces legal scrutiny in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Apple News May Expand Ways Publishers Can Sell Ads, Enable Micropayments

Apple News attracts millions of monthly readers on iPhone and iPad, but some publishers have been reluctant to adopt the platform due to limited revenue and hassles placing ads alongside content. Fortunately for publishers, that could soon change.

Ad Age reports that Apple eventually plans to allow publishers to use the ad tech they already employ on their sites, such as Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers, to deliver third-party ads in the Apple News app.

The report, citing multiple unnamed publishers, claims Apple also plans to enable micropayment options so people can access articles “for cents at a time,” but no specific details were provided.

The changes, which reportedly remain at least a few months away from being implemented, could lead to increased revenue for publishers, who in turn may find participating in Apple News to be more worthwhile.

Apple recently updated its Advertising Guide for Apple News to indicate that third-party ad tags can be used to serve third-party Standard, Double, Large, MREC, Interstitial, IAB 300×250, and IAB 728×90 ads on iOS 10.3 and above.

China’s Fall and Rise to Power

China today is one of the economic juggernauts in our world. However, it has not always been all highs for the Asian nation. It once experienced some hard times courtesy of different influences from different western civilizations. Studying China’s drop and re-emergence to power would give us a chance to learn about its previous rise and fall, as well as the external and internal threats that affected its rise to economic power.

In the 1100’s China was a leader in steel production, textile manufacturing, paper production, book printing, and firearm manufacturing. These goods were transported all over the world using larger commercial ships than that of England. China was the leading trading nation, with long distance trades reaching Africa, Middle East, and Europe. The British and the Europeans were following China. They were eager to attack and take a hold of China’s advanced and lucrative market. China was dominating the globe up until the rise of the British imperialism at around the 1800’s.

Britain, not able to overpass China in economic power, relied on its military power. It used its different armed forces from its different colonies to force its products on China. Britain was imposing their exports to China led to unequal treaties that lowered tariffs. As a result, China was flooded with one of Britain’s major export opium and then was the start of the First Opium War.  This is the start of the period of intervention by western imperialism which was also coined as the hundred years of national humiliation. The First Treaty signed was the Treaty of Nanking. It forced China to accept foreign traders to its soil and allow British citizens extraterritoriality. Also, China had to cede Hong Kong to Britain for 99 years. For the next century, China agreed to a series of similar treaties. Some major treaties signed where the Treaty of Wanghia with the United States and Treaty of Whampoa with France. These treaties expanded the rights of extraterritoriality which led to foreigners obtaining independent legal systems within treaty ports. Other treaties were the Treaty of Tianjin, Treaty of Aigun, Treaty of Beijing and the Treaty of Shimonoseki with the later resulting to China ceded Taiwan to Japan. As a result of these, the penetration of the western civilizations has colonized China’s market. Imperialism has forced exploitation of the great number of Chinese peasants and workers. This made Chinese leaders finance the trade deficits imposed by the different treaties.

At the end of the 20th century, China was broken. It fell from economic power, appeared colonized by the western imperialists and became a deprived population. Most of the major ports of China were controlled by the imperialists and was under the corrupt ruling of the imperialists. China was in pieces.

Modern China’s rise to power was made possible because of the Chinese communist revolution. China was able to defeat the Japanese Imperial army, then the US imperialists. The Communist government abolished the extraterritorial privileges of western imperialists which drove out all the millionaire warlords and traffickers. It all started in the 1950’s with the removal of the European, Japanese, and US imperialists draining China of its wealth. Then at around the 1980’s, China has opened its soil to large-scale foreign investors. China’s leaders started importing technical know-how and accessing overseas markets in exchange for cheap labor. China was in a transition of capitalism. It privatized numerous industries and implemented income generation through concentrating on a class of wealthy local capitalists who are linked with foreign capitalists. The capitalist class together with its foreign partners were all responsible for the rise of China to become the world’s second-largest economy. This has ended the century of the humiliation of the Republic of China.



Start your career as a developer and be a Product Owner


http://www.scrum-institute.org/images2/scrum_certification_process_international_scrum_institute.pngBeing and owner is a great feeling and it is great to reach a position which you have dreamt about. The technology of Scrum opens a new avenue which will lead you to be a winner after it has been implemented. One must be sure about the quality of the product as well the delivery should be on time. The technology brings all the ends of the company and giving rise to the quality goods and this is what makes the company a premium one.

All that you want to know details of the Scrum technology?

  • The technical development includes software which brings all the departments under one roof. The technology initiates the use of the traditional method of production along with it the new technology. This is done without keeping any backlogs and it gets better after the CSPO certification in atlanta. The most important thing is the involving all the workers in the company along with the keeping the motive of the company absolutely clear and the workers get to know the plan work properly.


  • The workers in the production division and also the involvements of the other team like the marketing, sales and even the team who takes care to deliver them are all included. Every unit is gauged and they keep a perfect harmony with others. This coordination is what is notable here and the products which are already there in the company, can see drastic change in the production rate as well as the


  • When the premium quality is produced in the company, makes it easy to earn name and fame and the money is what the company really wanted. The huge response for the market popular and stats producing more goods since the goods are liked by all
  • What happens next?
  • Since the company gets appreciation it is then the sits to think about a new marketing plan which would be able to fetch more revenue and makes the company cash reach.


  • The result is genuine and this call in for a new marketing policy. These ultimately bring huge profit to the company and other than the owners the stakeholders becomes even happier since company is in the process of earning in leaps and bounds.


  • Scrum effectively and ultimately bring in the change in the quality of products, since they get it checked from the quality which is immensely needed to better and fast manufacture of the goods. With the cspo course the process gets even more effective.

So the technology brings a 360 degrees turn in the generation of the revenue. All the workers join hands in hand which makes the process of the technology even better and if they do have any problem the team leaders are prompt t enough to sort out the problem. This includes the software which helps in the faster production. At the same time the company creates awareness how to be by the side letting you know they do not keep any backlogs.







Indians May Soon Be Issued Chip-Enabled E-Passports

Indians May Soon Be Issued Chip-Enabled E-PassportsChip enabled e-passports with high security features may soon be rolled out as government has started preparation for introducing it.

Replying to a question in Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh said the government has given approval for procurement of electronic contactless inlays for manufacturing of e-passports.

ALSO SEEGovernment May Soon Offer SIM Cards to Tourists Arriving With E-Visa

He said Nasik-based India Security Press (ISP) has been authorised to float a global tender for procurement of the contactless inlays along with its operating system.

The personal particulars of the applicants would be digitally signed and stored in the chip.

In response to another question in the Lok Sabha, Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways Pon Radhakrishnan said the government has introduced new online systems for vehicle registration and driving licences, aimed at simplifying the issuance process and curbing corruption.

“Provisions regarding issuance of learner’s licence and driving licence are contained in… the MV Act. The ministry has introduced online based citizen-centric application Vahan 4.0 and Sarathi 4.0 under digitisation to ease the processes and curb corruption,” the minister said in a written reply.

The minister added that 85 road transport offices under Vahan 4.0 and 235 road transport offices under Sarathi 4.0 have been brought to the centralised platform.

Besides, the ministry has notified that fitness certificate for renewal of a motor vehicle can be obtained from a state or a union territory other than the state or the UT where the vehicle is registered, the minister said.

He added that the central road fund (CRF) rules have been amended marking 10 percent of CRF allocations for road safety improvement works for state roads.

“The amount of funds likely to be allocated in 2017-18 is about Rs. 720 crores, which is 10 percent of CRF allocation to states and union territories for state roads (except village roads),” he said

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specifications, Design Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specifications, Design LeakedRumours have been coming thick and fast related to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+, but there has been no information leaked about the Galaxy Note 8, which is likely to be unveiled in the second half of the year. Now, a few details have now cropped up online showing the sketched schematics, and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

A sketch image leaked by Slashleaks shows a large device with the same design aesthetic as the Galaxy S8. There is no Home Button and most of the front is taken up the display, leaving very thin bezels at the top and bottom. At the bottom edge, there is a S Pen slot, a USB Type-C port, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The SIM slot is situated on the top edge, and both the edges have perforations, which are likely be the speakers. If the Galaxy Note 8 will sport top and bottom speakers, it would mean huge improvement in the audio department.

Furthermore, the leak also reveals that the Galaxy Note 8 will sport a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED 4K display and a Snapdragon 835 chipset for the US market. For international markets, Samsung is tipped to integrate a 9-series Exynos chipset that hasn’t been announced yet. Lastly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will pack a 6GB of RAM, and offer up to 256GB of storage. This means that the Note 8 will come in various storage variants, the largest one being 256GB. All of this is mere early rumours, and Samsung is most likely far off from finalising things on the Note 8 yet.

The importance of Ionic Framework

Image result for The importance of Ionic FrameworkThe Ionic Framework online certification will teach you everything that you should know about creating bridges to develop mobile applications that are hybrid in nature. The base of the Ionic is Angular and therefore before taking up Ionic Framework online certification in Chennai, you should at least know some of the basics of the Angular. Also, since the majority of concepts, directories and components of ionic are similar to angular, its knowledge would make it easy for you to learn ionic thoroughly.

There are a variety of concepts of the Ionic and the most important of these are discussed here. If you know some basics, you would be aware of the fact that you need APIs for the development of Mobile Apps. Cordova, which is the operating system meant specifically for mobiles is embedded with these APIs. In Ionic, the apache Cordova is brought into use. When using Ionic, you can see its compatibility with HTML, Javascript and CSS and therefore irrespective of the native language used for development, the further process can be easily carried out without having to worry about the compatibility related factors.

Since the Angular is brought in here with the Ionic, the areas of implementations get quite widened and there is absolutely nothing that you will have to think about for doing in the ionic. Since there are a lot of inbuilt libraries and directories, the process gets highly simplified. Its CLI, the command line interface, makes the process of development and deployment of the apps developed in the ionic framework gets improved.

Apart from the Angular JS, there are a lot of advantages that Ionic gets from the CSS as well. The C framework helps in adding to the simplification of the apps and thus when the app is to be made available to the users in the market and deployed, the time taken in all these processes is quite minimal.

Ionic provides an inbuilt feature of the grid system that you have to have in order to control the layouts. This helps in putting the components of development in the right places. To make the UI easy, there is a feature called FlexBox which enables the options of defining the box model that you feel will be compatible for your app. No matter what the number of columns is or their width and height, you can customize things the way you want.

Since list is a very important component that enables proper display on an app, other frameworks often have complex procedures to create it but that is not the case with ionic. Using the basics of CSS, you can easily create a list that will be driven by the classes of CSS and will have the structure of HTML. Also, since there are many ways to do it, no matter which approach you use, the end result that you get will always stay the same.

Considering all the versatility it offers, there is no better framework than ionic to create hybrid mobile apps.